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Clone High Creators Thinking About Making A Movie

Film Drunk – Clone High was an animated MTV show set at a high school for teenaged clones of historical figures, like JFK, Abe Lincoln, and Gandhi, that only aired for one season between 2002 – 2003. It was probably waaay too smart to be sandwiched between reality shows about drunk meatheads puke fighting, but now that Phil Lord (on the right) and Chris Miller are Hollywood’s King Midases, who made hits out of movies about LEGOs and 21 Jump Street (consider how improbable that seemed before you knew of the actual movies), it doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibilities that they’d have the juice to revisit Clone High (which they created with Bill Lawrence) if they wanted. Lord and Miller recently spoke to Collider, and it sounds like a Clone High movie is something they want to do, it’s just a matter of figuring out how. Kind of like me with sex.

Lord: It’s also a tricky thing because we basically made a PG-13 TV series, and if you’re gonna do a movie you wonder, ‘Am I gonna have to justify the budget that it’s gonna take by trying to broaden this to a family audience, and is that gonna kill what was fun about the original thing?’ Because there’s so much blood in the original series (laughs).

Miller: And innuendo or whatever.

Lord: And JFK sex jokes. Are you going to wind up defanging it?

Miller: Are you gonna make it R? PG-13?

Lord: It’s trying to cross-reference what it’s gonna cost and what it’s gonna make.

Out of all the type of possible projects rumored out there in Hollywood, this would be my number 1. There’s always whispers of potentials sequels and prequels and spinoffs and TV shows coming to the big screen. 24 was supposed to be a movie. Arrested Development was as well before Netflix stepped in. Unrelated to TV and film, but I’m still waiting on Dr. Dre’s Detox.

But out of all those type of projects that were either rumored to happen or actually did happen, none of them could even hold a candle to a Clone High movie. Clone High is the funniest show the world never knew. The smartest, most clever cartoon show ever. Yea I’m including all 39 seasons of The Simpsons. It wasn’t Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s fault that everyone watching MTV at that point was fucking brain dead. The fact that it only got 1 season is a tragedy. Right up there alongside The Black Donnelly’s as the best show to never make it to a second season. If I could get a Clone High reunion (Where Abe Lincoln fucks Cleopatra) and a Black Donnelly’s Reunion (where Tommy Donnelly and Jenny Reilly get together for good) I can die a happy man.