Doctor Suspended For Sexting During Surgery


CBSThe Washington state Medical Quality Assurance Commission says it has suspended the license of a Seattle anesthesiologist accused of frequently exchanging sexually explicit texts during surgeries. A statement issued Monday by the state Health Department says Dr. Arthur K. Zilberstein is accused by the commission of compromising patient safety by his “preoccupation with sexual matters” while he was on hospital duty between April and August 2013. In addition to the allegation of sexting during surgeries when he was the responsible anesthesiologist, the commission has accused Zilberstein of improperly accessing medical-record imaging for sexual gratification and having sexual encounters at his workplace. A phone message seeking comment from the doctor was not immediately returned. He has 20 days to respond to the commission and to request a hearing.

I’m gonna show you a picture here that completely explains why Artie Zilberstein sexting during surgery is no big deal:

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 9.33.17 AM


Sexting during surgery is like the guys who used to hang out on those steel girders like a thousand feet in the air. It seems like a big deal to us because we all have normal cube monkey jobs. Can’t relate to walking around on top of a skyscraper with no harness and we can’t imagine sending dick pics in the middle of surgery. But for these guys that shit is like second nature. No big deal to fire off a couple A/S/L’s when someone is on the operating table. As a matter of fact I’d actually prefer he sends those texts out. Just get them off your chest. Whenever you’re stressed about “should I send this? should I not send this?” thats when you’re not focused. Thats when your mind is preoccupied. Ask that chick if she’s wearing the panties her mother laid out for her and get back to focusing on me.

Not to mention this guy is an anesthesiologist. Not like he’s got his cell phone in one hand, his dick in the other and he’s holding the scalpel in his mouth. Dude just puts you to sleep and then watches you to make sure you don’t die. I could sext and do that at the same time too.

PS – If being “preoccupied with sexual matters” while on the job is a crime then all of us should be suspended