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Would You Rather Your Teams Always Completely Suck Like Mine, Or Have Them Embarrass Themselves On The Biggest Stage Like The Rangers?

Age old question that has been brought to the forefront after the Rangers went poopy pants in front of their home crowd and ended their Stanley Cup dreams. The defense breaks down again and Lundqvist pooped in between the pipes and really when you take a step back and look at it, last night’s loss solidifies Game 2’s loss as the most backbreaking loss for the Rangers fan base in like 30 years. I can’t say that with certainty since I’m not a Rangers fan, and it might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I bet thats pretty accurate. Blowing three 2 goal leads in the Stanley Cup Final after losing an OT heartbreaker in Game 1 has gotta be top 5 worst losses in franchise history.

So the question is would you rather make it this far only to fall flat on your face and embarrass yourselves? Or would you rather be like me and never even get my hopes up because all my teams suck so bad? Now my answer to Scott was “its better to have sucked on the biggest stage and lost than to have never sucked on the biggest stage at all.” I’ve had very little experience with legitimate playoff runs, but each of those years were the best years of my life as a fan. Knicks in the late 90s, 1999-2000 Mets, 2006 Mets, 98 Jets and most recently the back to back AFC Championships. All of those ended in heartbreak but those are still the seasons I most enjoyed. Now I’ve only made it to the big dance a couple times when I was old enough to appreciate – the fake 99 Finals and the 2000 Subway Series. In both series my teams had absolutely no shot at winning the title and so when they were smoked it wasn’t as soul crushing as this Rangers series. Those teams were such heavy underdogs and never stood a chance. And even though the Rangers were heavy underdogs coming in, choking away all those 2 goal leads in games 1 and 2 and getting dominated in game 3 is just demoralizing. Girardi giving away a game, Quick rubbing it in their faces, goals being scored with 0.8 left in the period, Lundqvist coming up short after a magnificent postseason. Just all sorts of backbreaking shit for the Rangers fans.

So I understand where a question like this would come from. Thats some truly heartbreaking shit. Makes you start to wonder, even when the Mets fucking infuriate me day in and day out for years on end, maybe thats not as bad. When the Jets make everything into a fucking circus every year, or when you’re rooting for a team owned by the biggest moron in sports James Dolan, or when the Islanders have an owner who cares more about a shopping mall than a winning hockey team. Maybe all that mediocrity is better than the painful tease you’re feeling now. But I’d trade spots with Rangers fans in a fucking heartbeat right now. No doubt about it. I’d rather get to have a game 4 funeral than nothing at all.