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Badass Dad Kills Coyote With His Bare Hands After It Attacks His Two Year Old Son

Source - A New Hampshire man killed a coyote with his bare hands Monday after it grabbed his 2-year-old son by his jacket hood and dragged him to the ground.

Ian O’Reilly told CNN he had “never harmed an animal so it was a weird experience.” After the coyote bit him twice while he tried fending it off, O’Reilly kicked it away and used his body weight to suffocate it while holding its snout shut, he said in an emailed statement.

O’Reilly told CNN affiliate WCVB in an interview it took him about 10 minutes to kill the coyote.

“I was able to get its head into the snow and get my hand around its snout, so it could no longer bite me,” he said. “And then, from there, I was able to suffocate it by using my body weight and scissor-locking it until basically expiring.”

O’Reilly told CNN affiliate WMUR in a separate interview that he hadn’t quite processed what happened, even after the fact.


“In the middle of the moment, you’re not really thinking or … recording a whole lot,” he said. “You’re really just instinct.” O’Reilly’s son was not injured.

Two hours earlier, another attack occurred in nearby Kensington, according to a Kensington Police Facebook post.

Pat Lee and her two dogs were sitting on her porch when a coyote attacked all three, biting Lee in the process, according to WMUR. Lee and her dogs received rabies shots as a precaution.

New Hampshire Fish and Game recovered the coyote’s body after O’Reilly killed it and is testing it for rabies and using DNA from the victims’ bite wounds to determine whether the same animal was involved in both attacks.

Love it. Love everything about it. Ian O’Reilly is the definition of an alpha male. An alpha male masc dom top who protects his young at all costs. The man sees a predator and what does he do? He turns the predator into prey. Attacks it with a primal instinct not seen since March 9th, 2007 when a young King Leonidus was left to pit his whitts and will against nature’s fury (a wolf). 

If they gave out medals for father of the year, Ian O’Reilly would be a top contender. 

According to Large, he spent 10 minutes suffocating that thing while his kid looked on. TEN MINUTES.  He’s only two, so he probably won’t remember, but that’s long enough to be burned into his subconscious forever. He’ll grow up with a killer instinct never knowing where it came from until he watches that clip.

My dad did something similar when I was a kid. He got in the face of a pretzel salesman at a Celtics open practice after he sold my brother and I a stale rod. I credit that moment with making me who I am today. Regardless, good on Ian for protecting his family and here’s to a speedy recovery.