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Knicks Agree To Deal With Derek Fisher

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Alright done. The most important thing regarding the Derek Fisher deal is that the hoopla is over. After the Steve Kerr debacle the Knicks, and more importantly Phil Jackson, needed to lock up a coach and make it look like he was their man. Thats what we get with Derek Fisher. Yes, to some extent a plan B. But basically just a carbon copy of Plan A. Both were successful guards under Phil Jackson’s teams with no coaching experience. Theres no reason to think that Derek Fisher can’t do anything Steve Kerr can.

He’s gonna be a young, hungry coach with intimate knowledge of how the game today is being played. Its similar to the Jason Kidd signing in Brooklyn. Both he and Fisher were consummate pros with coaching careers written all over them. And yea, there was some growing pains with Kidd and the Nets, but by the time 2014 hit Kidd had settled in and Brooklyn really hit their stride. With Phil Jackson rounding out the rest of the coaching staff, I’d expect even an even smoother transition for Derek Fisher. Phil wants an extension of himself and his system that can physically handle coaching every day and thats what hes getting. Whether or not that works or is respected by the players remains to be seen. But we’re paying Phil Jackson a shit ton of money to implement his style into the franchise and thats whats happening here. No more no less. Its not a make or break signing by any means.

Now time to turn to the players on the court. Because without some major moves and upgrades, it doesn’t matter who’s standing on the sidelines.