Saloon Raffling Off Free Open Bars For The Rest Of The Stanley Cup At Tonight's Game 3 Watch Party



So the running joke so far this series at Saloon is how they’re basically giving away all their booze and food. $30 open bar for 2 games that have both gone into extra periods. $11 appetizer platter that gets you wings, chicken fingers, spring rolls and mozzarella sticks. For 40 bucks you can basically eat and drink as much as you want for the entire duration of the game. I think we almost put them out of business on Saturday. It was over 4 hours of open bar for 30 goddam dollars. Practically free in Manhattan.

But tonight they’re actually giving away free booze. 3 people will be selected to get free open bars for the rest of the series. Whether its 4 games or 7 games, you’ll drink for free the rest of the Stanley Cup Final. So if you have any intention of joining the Stoolies for this series, you might as well come through tonight. Grab some beers and wings with your buddies and potentially land 4 more games of free beer. Rangers keep blowing 2 goal leads, you get one more game on the house. Then again the team who’s up 2-0 hasn’t lead once in regulation yet, so theres just as good of a chance you’re drinking for free till next week. Saloon – the magical place where they don’t try to make money, they just try to get you drunk.

Saloon – 84th and York

Wings and other bar food available. I recommend the cheesesteak panini along with the ridiculous sampler platter.

$30 open bar during the hockey game, Fireball shot specials

3 raffle winners drink for free the rest of the series.