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Braves Sign Felix Hernandez to Be the Best Fifth Starter of All-Time

Ok, ok. I can think of a lot worse fifth starters to have and worse ways to spend $1 million.

I don't know how much this really moves the needle for me on the 2020 season, but this is in line with the low risk, high reward deals Alex Anthopoulos and this Braves front office have proven themselves to be interested in. Atlanta still needs to find another middle of the order bat, but you could do a lot worse than a rotation of Soroka, Fried, Hamels, Foltynewicz and Hernandez.

King Felix hasn't been himself the past couple years, but if you can get him even back to the kind of player he was as recently as 2016 — 3.82 ERA in 153.1 IP — it would be more than worth the flyer the Braves are taking. Plus, he's only 34 and has never pitched on a team that reached the Postseason. Maybe pitching with something on the line can bring back shades of the King Felix of old.

This move in no way makes up for the pretty disappointing offseason Atlanta has had so far, but it gives the rotation a nice potential bump. It's never a bad time to add a Cy Young winner to your staff.