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74% Of Women Prefer A Gourmet Meal To Sex With Their Partner

(Note: there are probably going to be a ton of Game of Thrones spoilers in here now that comments were closed on the last blog)

Daily Mail - For years, our continental neighbours have been applauded as chic, slim and poised – all achieved seemingly without effort. They are famed for never putting on weight – despite enjoying a rich diet of foie gras, escargot and croissants.  And, according to a new survey, French women love eating so much that they’d rather go for a gourmet meal than have sex with their partner. When asked what ‘pleasure rating’ they’d give eating, they said 7.1. out of 10, while they’d rank sex 6.7. Sexologist Gerard Leleu attempted to shed some light on this rather surprising result of Harris Interative’s survey. He told Stylist magazine: ‘Chemically, the same thing happens in the brain during a “culinary orgasm” and a sexual orgasm. ‘In fact, when we are sad and we decide to eat chocolate, we are actually masturbating the hypothalamus.’

I feel like this is supposed to be interpreted to make guys look like idiots. Like “Ha Ha Ha girls would rather eat food than fuck guys. Ha ha ha you guys are so bad at sex.” Well don’t flatter yourself, sisters. Because I promise you if you put a gourmet steak dinner in front of a dude along with sex with his girlfriend, he’s picking the steak 100 times out of 100. Fuck, if you put some buffalo wings and a cheesesteak in front of me I’m probably picking that too. Doesn’t even need to be all fancy. I’ll culinary orgasm all up in my pants and be just as satisfied.

The mere fact that you chicks even think you could food-gasm as hard as dudes is laughable. You’d have some guac and a marg. Maybe some wine and cheese and you’d be done. Perhaps split a dessert if you’re feeling really reckless. And then cry about it later that night because you’re fat. Girls suck at eating worse than dudes suck at sex. So lets just cut it out with this study. Guys would pick delicious food over sex with their partners too.


PS – This all goes out the window if the choice is sex with a hot random chick. And I’d assume the same for girls with a new guy. The real study should be “100% of people get bored with their partner”

Lets vote though. Would you rather have sex with your girlfriend/wife or eat a free gourmet meal of your choice?

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