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Fat Kid On The School Bus Getting Bullied By A Chick Turns The Tables And Puts Her In A Sleeper Hold

Live LeakA bully was in for a major surprise after she decided to violently attack a boy on her school bus. While the victim initially sat helplessly as she punched him in the face, pulled his hair and slapped him, she soon learned a lesson she’ll likely never forget. In video of the attack that was captured on a cell phone and subsequently uploaded to YouTube, the vicious assault unfolds as another boy begs off-camera for the girl to stop. But she doesn’t listen. As the berating and beating continues, the victim desperately tries to shield and protect himself, but to no avail. But then something changes. When the bully starts kicking the boy in the head, he springs to his feet and starts fighting back. The tables instantaneously turn, as he grabs the her hair and puts her in a headlock, at one point seemingly dragging her over one of the seats; choking sounds can be heard. “Get his hand off my eye please,” the girl says in the midst of the brawl, a hint of desperation replacing her once-aggressive tone. Another boy — presumably the girl’s brother — becomes dismayed by what’s unfolding and he steps in to try and stop the bullying victim from getting his revenge. “Oh hell! Get the — get the — f***! Holy s***! Get the f*** off of my f***ing sister!,” he says, as he tries to physically intervene. Eventually, the brawl ends and the girl who seemingly started it all looks completely stunned by her victim’s response. Amazingly, the boy who was initially bullied promptly asks if she is “ok.” A natural question one might ask is: Where the bus driver was during the attack? While it’s unclear, a female’s voice can be heard in the background saying, “I can’t stop a thing.” “There’s nothing I can do. That’s why I tell ya’ll don’t fight,” the woman added. “Nothing to do but call the police…callin’ 911 now.” It is unclear whether this was the bus driver or another student, but one thing is for certain: no adults intervened to stop the argument, as far as the footage shows. It’s also unclear when and where this video was captured or whether the boy did anything to anger the girl before the fight ensued, but the scene is certainly unforgettable.

Well would you look at the youngest member of the O’Doyle Clan finally coming of age. Choking out Sharkeisha to within an inch of her life. Sure, he still doesn’t have the Eye of the Tiger. Still doesn’t have that killer instinct as he let her go and asked her if she was OK. But I think we watched the awakening of a sleeping beast. I think this fat kid just got punched in the face one too many times and he finally snapped and realized his own power. I wouldn’t be surprised if he walked around like the Cock of the Walk now. He owns the bus. He owns the playground. Everyone now knows that he’s not just some fat Samwell Tarly marshmallow. He’s the dude who almost crushed the trachea of the black bitch with dreads. Hes the guy who had her brother squealing for mercy. We watched a changing of the guard on that school bus my friends. There’s a new sheriff in town and its this fat kid with huge tits and a killer mop top.

PS – Love the bus driver not giving a fuck. Your life already sucks so fucking bad if you’re a regular bus driver driving regular kids to school. Theres no fucking chance I’d get in the middle of a fight like this on top of it all. Probably wouldn’t even call the cops either. I’d probably just continue to make my stops until all the kids eventually killed each other. They pay you to drive a bus, not referee any fights.