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Would You Donate One Of Your Nuts For 35,000 Bucks?

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DM A man who saves money by getting paid to do medical trials has revealed his next endeavor: donating one of his testicles to research. In a new episode of TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates, Mark from Las Vegas explains how he frequently volunteers to be a clinical guinea pig in order to save on medical expenses, get free check-ups and earn thousands of dollars. One upcoming study he is ‘really anxious and really excited’ about involves donating one of his testicles, which is then replaced with an artificial one, in exchange for a check for $35,000.



This is a no-brainer, right? Of course you’d sell a nut for 35,000 dollars. I’m not a doctor, my knowledge of human bodily functions isn’t “great,” per se. As for as I know the only things you need are a heart, brain, and a lung. Everything else is an accessory and therefore price is negotiable. So, as the saying goes, I’d give my left nut for $35,000. I mean what do I really do with my nuts? I play with them when I’m bored and when I jerkoff. You could say that the only purpose my testicles serve are that they’re my favorite toy. They’re my comfort blanky, when I’m nervous I just go to them for comfort. But you know what’s more comforting than your own nuts in your hands? 35 large in your bank account.


Plus they’re giving you an artificial one so it’s not like you even have to tell people you’re a 1 nutted weirdo. As far as people can tell, you’re still a full man down there.


PS – I really like this guy Mark


‘These are the ebola study,’ he says. ‘These are my favorite. Everyone was panicked when my friend and I did this study. Never tested on humans or animals before. ‘We were the first two in the country to have it done. It’s $5,000 for a week, so why would I not do it?’ Apart from the testicular study, another trial Mark says he was excited about – until it got called off – was a ‘flatline’ study. ‘This is a really good one,’ he says. ‘What they do is they stop your heart for one minute but you still breathe. Stay there 14 days, pays $25,000. But the FDA kind of stepped in and stopped that.’


Guy straight up loves the medical study game. Why wouldn’t you get Ebola for 5 grand a week? Why wouldn’t you be mad about the FDA being too pussy to allow a study where you die for $25,000? And I wholeheartedly agree with him.