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Mexican Kim Kardashian Lookalike Takes Control Of Los Antrax Drug Cartel


Daily MailWielding her signature pink AK-47 and posing like her idol Kim Kardashian, this is the alleged new leader of an elite kill squad used by one of Mexico’s deadliest drug cartels. Claudia Ochoa Felix, nicknamed The Empress of Antrax, is thought to be the new leader of the ‘Los Antrax’ hit squad, used by the Sinaloa cartel to carry out executions and revenge attacks. The 27-year-old uses social media to brag about her lifestyle, posting pictures of herself holding guns, posing with a leopard, and strutting around in tight outfits and swimsuits.  The shots even include images of her children lying with hundreds of banknotes surrounding them in the bath or on the bed. U.S. intelligence sources have named the Sinaloa cartel as ‘the most powerful drug trafficking organization in the world’, and they are thought to be responsible for much of the heroin smuggled into America. Los Antrax is the drug cartel’s elite contract killer squad, and was previously led by Claudia’s lover Jose Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa, 33, who was arrested in January. If there is a dirty job that needs to be sorted out, Los Antrax get the assignment. They are also in charge of security for the cartel boss Ismael ‘El Mayo’ Zambada, 66. Claudia married a Sinaloa drug trafficker known as ‘El Chavo’ Felix with whom she had three children – however they later separated. Despite her ostentatious lifestyle, Claudia managed to avoid public attention until Yurina Castillo Torres, 23, was shot dead on May 7 in an apparent botched assassination after being mistaken for Claudia. According to local media report the two looked similar and were from the same area.

I cannot even begin to describe how badly I want to had sex with the Empress of Antrax. Its like the blog I wrote yesterday about the guy who got drugged and robbed by two chicks who he was going to have a threesome with. He got robbed of about $25,000 worth of shit, but it was totally worth it. The risk reward in a scenario like that is worth it.

Well in this scenario its only times a billion. Sure, theres a 50% chance she actually fucks me to death. No doubt a Mexican Drug Cartel Empress can kill a man with her ride game. And yea, the other 50% in this situation is one of her Mexican hitmen beheads me on camera to send a message to all gringos north of the border. But its all worth it to fuck Claudia Ochoa Felix. Just have crazy Hispanic sex on top of piles of money and blow with guns pointed at you. Top 5 sex scenario I can envision.