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New Jersey Substitute Teacher In Hot Water For Duct Taping Students Mouth's Shut During "Quiet Game"

NBC New York – A substitute teacher in New Jersey won’t be allowed to fill in again at an elementary school after she allegedly taped shut the mouths of several students last week, officials say.  The teacher was working at the Winfield Scott Elementary School in Elizabeth and placed decorative tape over the mouths of five students during a “quiet game” after lunch, according to parents and officials.  One of the students, Angelique Correa Henderson, said she felt “pressured and scared” as the teacher taped her mouth “because we were jabbering too much.”  “My heart kept on beating fast,” she said. Angelique’s father, Munford Henderson, is outraged.  “I don’t understand what she was thinking,” he said. “We’re talking about kids. You’re sworn to protect and teach, not to hurt them and put them in fear.”  Other parents at the school were equally concerned.  “You don’t do that to anybody, especially kids,” said Marie Yacinthe. “You don’t do that.”  As police and state officials investigate, Angelique’s father wants to make sure the teacher is permanently barred from the classroom. “She does not need to be teaching and being around kids if she can’t control her emotions and the way she presents herself around kids,” he said. The teacher has been taken off the list of substitutes for consideration at the school, officials said. She had no previous record of issues or difficulties.

Hey Angelique you know how you could have avoided this whole situation? If you quit fuckin jabberin. You said it yourself. You and your cronies were talking too much. The goal of the quiet game is to shut the fuck up. And if you can’t quit yapping then you get the duct tape. Seems like some pretty simple cause and effect here. Don’t want duct tape = don’t jabber. Situation avoided.

The weirdest aspect of this whole story is that it was a substitute teacher who did it. I mean I can understand if you’re a real teacher and you see these fat noisy kids day in and day out for like 9 straight months. You probably wanna duct tape their whole fucking heads and just stuff them in a closet after a while. But if you’re a substitute teacher, what the fuck do you care? Being a sub is probably the least important job in the world. Just let those kids scream their faces off and when the clock strikes 3 you’re out of there and you’ll probably never see those motherfuckers again. Not worth the aftermath.

Unless of course you’re just fed up with being a substitute and getting disrespected by literally everyone in your life. Most thankless job in the world. The real teachers don’t respect you, the principal doesn’t respect you, the kids even shit all over you. At some point you probably just reach a breaking point and turn to child abuse.