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KFC Radio: Fatherly Advice

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Hilarious episode this week. I would legitimately say one of the funniest shows we’ve done in a while. Thanks to great voicemails and tweets from the Stoolies, me, Feitelberg and Big Cat tackle fatherhood, getting arrested and their most embarrassing moments of their lives. Feits pretty much accidentally admitted that he was molested by his baby sitter, Big Cat once again says he could breed a professional athlete child, and much much more.

In other news, a lot of Stoolies have been helpin a brotha out by voting and reviewing the podcast on iTunes. As of this morning, MailTime was ranked the #23 Comedy Podcast and #90 overall:

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Right along side guys like Brian Williams, Dan Patrick, Bill Burr, Adam Corolla, etc etc. We were also listed under the “New and Noteworthy” podcasts which is huge. People looking for new shows to listen to trust these rankings and lists, so its enormous for us to be rated this high. So please keep it up. And remember, the feeds for KFC Radio and MailTime have been split on iTunes so if you can spare an extra 30 seconds please rate and review both shows, it would be much appreciated:

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Lets make sure we get KFC Radio as high as MailTime.