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Andy Reid Celebrated Winning The AFC Championship Exactly How You Expect Andy Reid Would, By Eating A Cheeseburger And Going To Bed

Do the kids still say WE STAN A KING? Because if so, I am stanning my dick off for my king Andy Reid. Like every other Super Bowl, there are 30 fanbases that are waiting to be swayed to rooting for the last two teams standing. But I cannot imagine rooting for anybody but Big Red in this game after envisioning him hammering down a big fat cheeseburger in bed with all the fixins while in his all red jammies complete with night cap (There is nooooo doubt in my mind Andy Reid wears a night cap to bed). 

I know Andy's quote didn't directly say if he was in bed while eating the cheeseburger or not. But I think we can all agree that Andy Reid is a cheeseburger in bed guy after the biggest win of his career just like we can all agree that cheeseburger was not Andy's dinner but instead the late night snack of a culinary legend.

P.S. For the fews fans out there on the fence about who to root for in the Super Bowl despite Andy Reid being maybe the most likable human ever, may I humbly present the Chiefs parodying the legendary Price Is Right game Cliffhanger for their playoff run.

FWIW, Cliffhanger is the only game that can touch Plinko in my eyes. You simply cannot top this type of gameshow and the soundtrack is straight fire.