Lebron Cramps Up In Game 1, Might Need His Leg Amputated

I’m ironically one of the biggest Lebron supporters out there. And I understand that when your muscles are cramping up that badly, there’s really nothing you can do about it. But even I gotta admit this is a shitty look for Lebron. Its the kind of shit that all his haters jump all over. I mean everyone was playing in the same gym. Everyone was hot. And he was the only constantly calling over to the bench to come out of the game. The only dude that had some assistant coach awkwardly carry him off the court like he just blew out his ACL. Right now all the Lebron haters are comparing this to Jordan’s Flu Game and all the Hockey Hipsters are talking about Stepan’s jaw. Its just the worst of circumstances for a guy who already has the biggest army of haters in the world.