Twitter Is Absolutely Convinced Dwight Howard Cheated On His Girlfriend With An Underage Girl

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SocialNewsDaily – Dwight Howard may be cheating on his girlfriend with a high school girl. Photos started circulating around Twitter today that reportedly show the NBA star flirting with a teenager. Another photo also reportedly shows a few text messages that Howard exchanged with the girl. The rumors started circulating after @dkb_ sent out a few messages on Twitter this morning. Apparently D was upset with something Howard did and decided to leak news of their alleged affair on Twitter. D claims that Dwight Howard flew her and a friend out for Florida to hang out. Do you think Dwight Howard is messing around with a couple of teenagers? All we really know is that Dwight Howard was in the same room with these girls at some point. D claims that he flew her out to Florida but we don’t know if that’s true. Twitter users are pointing to the text message exchange below as “proof” that Dwight Howard was hooking up with one of these girls but the texts don’t really say anything. It’s doesn’t even look like Dwight Howard is the one responding.

So here’s what we know. Some chick who looks like Colin Kaepernick is saying Dwight Howard used to fly her out to Florida Thats pretty much it. A couple weird pictures of Dwight Howard in a hotel room with chicks who look young. Real detectives have to worry about a little thing called “evidence,” but Black Twitter does not. Judge, Jury and Executioner Judge Judy and Executioner. They’ve decided that Dwight Howard is cheating on his girlfriend with a 16 year old girl.

I hate Dwight Howard as much as the next guy but this is pretty fucking nuts. Some random non sensical tweets from accounts that have been deleted, a screenshot of a completely gibberish text message with no proof of who is even texting, a couple weird pictures in a hotel, and the whole internet is saying a dude slept with a 16 year old girl. Dwight Howard is a big time scumbag but I think even he’d be smart enough to avoid this one. Either way should give the guy the benefit of the doubt when we’re talking about sex with underage girls. I mean theres a very, very real possibility this happened but lets at least wait for a shred of something concrete.

This was funny though:

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Now cue the music on Dwight Howard’s smoke baby mama, who I’m pretty sure has nothing to do with this made up story: