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Good Job, Good Effort Dan Girardi

You fucking serious, Girardi? That’s how you’re gonna do Lundqvist after he stood on his head to keep the game knotted despite a 20-3 third period shots advantage for the Kings? I can only assume he’s taking a shit in Hank’s suit pocket right now before fucking his wife at some LA motel in a couple hours. Holy shit.

Just a devastating way to piss away a golden opportunity. Up 2-0 with less than 2:30 left in a first period they dominated before a Stepan giveaway allowed LA to cut the lead in half. Doughty tied it with an absolutely filthy goal before it was the King Henrik show the rest of the night. After a hectic final minute & a huge penalty kill, to see it all flushed away by such a sloppy panic play by a supposedly reliable blueliner with an A on his chest…well, that’s real fucking tough to swallow right now.

It’s not all on this play though. The Rangers reverted back to the type of infuriating offense that’s driven fans wild at times. There were plenty of chances where they could’ve just taken a shot or driven to the net. Instead, Richards was throwing the puck around blind all night. Stepan wasn’t even looking to shoot. And of course Rick Nash decided that, on a crucial 3-on-2 in the third, the right play was to slam on the brakes and bring the puck AWAY from Quick’s crease. Fucking disgusting. It’s the Stanley Cup, fellas. Take a page out of Hank & Hags books & play like it.