Chick Busted For Drunk Driving With Jello Shots In Her Pockets


TSGA Minnesota woman arrested early Saturday for drunk driving had several “alcohol Jello-shots” stuffed in her pockets when searched by police, according to a court filing. Cathy Sanchez, 28, was driving on Highway 10 around 2 AM when a cop spotted her vehicle speeding and swerving across the road. Upon pulling over Sanchez’s Buick LeSabre, a Glyndon Police Department officer detected signs that she was impaired (slurred speech, bloodshot and watery eyes, and an aroma of booze). Sanchez failed a series of sobriety tests and registered a .136 blood alcohol content during a Breathalyzer test. “In a search incident to her arrest,” an investigator noted in a probable cause statement, an officer “located three alcohol Jello-shots in the female’s pockets.” For her part, Sanchez–who initially gave cops a fake name–told officers that she had previously been busted five times for drunk driving. A subsequent police check revealed three DWI convictions and a concealed weapons conviction. Her license had also been cancelled as “inimical to public safety.” Sanchez (seen at left) was charged in a four-count criminal complaint that includes a pair of felony charges that each carry a maximum of seven years in prison. She is currently locked up in the Clay County jail, where bond was set at $20,000. The probable cause statement does not indicate whether the Jell-O shots were seized as evidence.

Jello Shots in your pockets. Its a bold strategy Cotton! Lets see if it pays off for her!

Name me one thing more pointless than Jello Shots. You seriously motherfuckin can’t. I don’t ever judge people for what they drink. You wanna drink girly shots and sip on wine or something, go for it. The goal is to get drunk however you can. But I draw the line at Jello Shots. If I see you getting suckered into buying Jello Shots I am 100% judging you. I’d say you’re allowed some sort of a grace period. When you’re like 21 years old and you’re at a bar for the first time and some sexy chick flirts with you until you buy a whole goddam tray at like 5 bucks a pop – I understand. Maybe it even happens a second time. But after that, its time to wake up. You’re paying like 50 bucks for a bowl of goddam jello. Doesn’t taste good and you would need to do, I dunno, roughly 200 Jello Shots before you ever even get a buzz.

Just say no to Jello Shots. Unless of course you’re absolutely shitfaced and about to drive home and you wanna take a little something to-go. Then just stuff 3 or 4 in your pockets and hop behind the wheel. No shame in that game.