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Skip Bayless Shows No Mercy

And this was Skip Bayless live-Tweeting the game:

Brutal. Absolutely brutal. This has got to be the worst thing about life as a Packers fan or an Aaron Rodgers stan. In an otherwise tame media ecosystem where you're at the top of the food chain with no natural predators, Skip Bayless will never stop hunting your guy. Never ever. Last night and into today, he's Conor MacGregor and Aaron Rodgers is the Cowboy. 

He's not wrong, necessarily. I just don't feel right about destroying Rodgers so viciously at a time like this. It's unseemly somehow. There's a certain sadism to the outright glee Skip is showing about now. I mean, the man has a family. He's not on speaking terms with most of them; but he does in fact have one, in the technical sense. 

The thing is, this was in a lot of ways the classic Aaron Rodgers postseason performance. It actually looks good on the stat sheet, as practically all of his do:

31 for 39, 326 Yards, 2 TDs, 2 INTs, 97.2 Passer Rating

As a matter of fact, that Passer Rating is only slightly below his postseason career mark of 100.0, which is good for 4th all time, behind only Bart Starr, Kurt Warner and Matt Ryan. 

But get a load of what he was able to do while it was still a game:


So the 49ers went into deep shell coverage after going up 27-0 and scoring drives in the middle of the 3rd and the middle of the 4th put lipstick on the pig so this one won't look so bad on his Pro Football Reference page. And future generations can blame his defense - which was objectively atrocious - while overlooking the fact that once again, Rodgers couldn't do anything in a conference title game. Or that on a day when Ryan Tannehill was plowing straight into linebackers trying to pick up a 1st down and Patrick Mahomes was running through the Titans' defense like Captain Marvel through Thanos' army, he put out this kind of effort:

I just don't think it's appropriate for us to be talking this way about the greatest quarterback of all time in this hour of grief. Thoughts and prayers, America.