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Girl Tries To Ride A Camel, Splits Her Pants, Falls Off Camel And Knocks A Bunch Of People To The Ground


Pull it together lady!  Haven’t you ever properly ridden something before (ha, sex joke)?  After watching that video I would venture to say the answer is no.  I would also ask her if she’s ever walked before.  Even after she got off the camel she looked like a damn toddler out there.  It might’ve had something to do with being attached to a wire but whatevs.  What a display that was.  Get your bearings, get your ass on that camel and give those paying customers a fucking show.  It’s not that hard.

PS- Who in their right mind goes to the circus anymore?  That might be the most dumbfounding thing about all of this.  I’m surprised they are even still around.  I can’t remember the last time somebody said, “Hey the circus is in town.  We should go.”  That’d be a stupid thing to say anyway I suppose.  Circuses are fucking creepy with clowns running every which way and shit like a woman trying to ride a camel happens.  If I want to see a women try to ride a camel I’ll work magic with the YouJizz search bar than you very much.