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Wake Up With Patrick Mahomes' Dad Driving In The Winning Run AND Closing Out The Game On The Mound

Kind of crazy they didn’t mention 1,000 times yesterday that Patrick Mahomes’ dad, Pat Mahomes, played baseball. Last year it was shoved down out throats, but this year they let it go kind of. Mahomes is a freak on the football, maybe the most athletic guy in the NFL. If you’re wondering where he got it from, check out what his pops could do. Not only was he a good closer and pitcher for the Mets, the guy could swing it too. Need an extra inning base knock to go up in Wrigley? No problem. Need a guy to throw gas to close it out? Mahomes could do that too. Some insane genes in that family, and you’ll see it on the big stage when the Chiefs take on the Niners in a few weeks.

PS – I need a radar gun on Mahomes’ throws from outfield in this prospect video from him in high school. Gas. Straight gas.