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V. Stiviano Releases Pictures Of Bruises From Her Attack, NYC Man Charged With Hate Crime

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Daily MailPictures which V. Stiviano claims are proof she was assaulted in New York City have been released on the same day a 40-year-old man was charged with attacking the 31-year-old who caused the downfall of LA Clippers owner Roger Sterling. Provided exclusively to MailOnline by her attorney Mac Nehoray, the images allegedly show extensive bruising across the right side of the 31-year-old’s face. In one photograph, taken after Sunday’s alleged assault outside the Gansevoort Hotel, a stunned looking Stiviano has what appears to be a huge florid mark burgeoning from her eye down to her chin. In the other, which was presumably taken the day after, Stiviano’s face seems to be painfully swollen, especially around her cheek. Even though she is wearing make-up in one of the photographs, the effects of the alleged attack appear to be visible. These images were released on the same day that Dominick Diorio, 40, was arrested at his home in Old Bethpage, New York, and charged with assault as a hate crime, aggravated harassment and harassment for punching Stiviano in the face outside the Gansevoort Hotel on Sunday. ‘Ms. V. Stiviano was attacked outside of Gansevoort Hotel by two white males,’ a statement released by the law firm said.   ‘As Ms. Stiviano was getting inside a cab, one of the assailants punched her in the face, calling her a f**** n**** bitch. 

There’s only two logical explanations here. 1) Like Kmarko said, Donald The Don Sterling called up the Goon Squad and hired these guys to rough her up.  2) V. Stiviano hired these guys herself. In some bizarre attempt to get sympathy from the public and prolong her 15 minutes of fame. Find some guy who’s willing to take the fall for a chunk of cash and now all the sudden she’s back in the news as the helpless victim of racism.

Because I absolutely refuse to believe there were 2 dudes in a NYC hotel bar who care enough about this situation that they would violently attack a woman. That honestly cannot be true. Imagine caring so much about a 90 year old dude in LA and his girlfriend and what kind of pictures she puts on instagram that you beat the shit out of her in New York? I mean she looks like she got hit with a goddam frying pan. I just cannot imagine there’s anybody out there who care enough to do that.

No, I think this is another diabolical plot by V. Stiviano. Conveniently removes her welders mask to show her bruises and now she’s the victim. She’s like fucking Heisenberg. I’m waiting for her to pull out the fugue state excuse for something next.