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Noted Die Hard NFL Fan Rob Lowe Just Casually Showing Off His Support For His Favorite Team...The NFL

Usually I'd give a person at an NFL playoff game shit for wearing a hat with a league's logo on it. But I can't do that with Rob Lowe. You know why? Because he's just too handsome to care. I imagine he didn't want to look like a chump wearing a Colts hat considering they didn't even make the postseason, wearing your team's gear in a game that doesn't involve them in the least is a pure Hardo move, and there were no hats in the stadium that said I LOVE FOOTBALL on it. 

So Rob probably just took that NFL hat off the nearest unsuspecting referee and told the Fox execs to make sure his new TV show's commercial was aired as soon as humanly possible so he could leave that stadium full of filthy people and get back doing to whatever awesome shit Rob Lowe does on a daily basis. Or he's practicing for the role of an undercover cop. I'm not sure. Either way, I gotta say, I didn't see Handsome Rob (or more than likely his PR team) firing back on Twitter so quickly.

That tweet was definitely sent in the "Ann Perkins!" voice

I won't League Hat Shame too much though, because we know the best fans of the game rep their favorite league's lids and it's totally not weird at all.