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If You Didn't Tear Up When They Sang God Bless America At The Marathon Finish Line Then You Have A Black Heart


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If that didn’t bring a tear to your eye then I really don’t know what to tell you. Absolutely incredible. This is exactly, EXACTLY, what the bombers didn’t want. They placed bombs right in that spot and hoped it would scare us. They wanted us to change our way life. They wanted us to fear large groups and jubilant gatherings. Well guess what you fuckers? NOT EVEN CLOSE. Just a few months later and here we are. Standing right on your place of attack and once again screaming of joy. The restaurants are back, the shops are back. We’ve cleaned up your glass and your wreckage and now you’re NOTHING. You’re not even an afterthought to us, you’re a NOTHING. You weren’t even a speed bump, we rolled right over you and didn’t look back.  You didn’t change one single thing. Boston is still celebrating. Boston is still winning, and we will not stop. We’ll be partying in the street all night, we’ll be singing with pride and cheer, we’ll be the same resilient people we’ve always been. We will always remember the lives lost and affected, but we will never change. You FAILED. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!