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10-1 Betting Favorite Maycee Barber Just Got Upset At UFC 246!!!


Roxanne Modafferi just hit the brakes on the hype train of 21-year-old Maycee Barber - one of the UFC's most highly touted prospects - and busted a LOT of parlays in Vegas that included the -1000 favorite! 

Many fans (including myself) counted Roxanne out of this fight from the moment it was announced, but clearly, we all had the wrong idea. Modafferi is a pioneer who was at the forefront of women's mixed martial arts, making her debut when Maycee Barber was just FIVE YEARS OLD, and her experience truly showed in the cage tonight. She busted Maycee up, injured her leg - which a ringside physician oddly declared a partial ACL tear by just lookin at it...

...and of course, displayed nothing but kindness and love towards her opponent in her post-fight interview, wishing her a speedy recovery. Everyone knows Modafferi as the nicest person in all of the sport, so that wasn't surprising at all.

I'm excited to see how Maycee Barber rebounds after taking her first loss here...but even more excited for this main card to start, and it's about to, so I'm gonna leave this blog and get started on the next one!