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Everybody Clap Your Hands! The Giants Have Reportedly Hired Jason Garrett As Offensive Coordinator

Clap it up Giants fans because Jason Garrett is about to turn Danny Dimes into Danny Dollars!

I think my opinion of this hiring is like a lot of Giants fans. We were terrified when we thought Garrett was going to be the consolation prize to the Matt Rhule Sweepstakes considering just how much the Cowboys talent underperformed with him over the years. But getting Garrett in as offensive coordinator on a staff without a lot of experience is not a bad thing. Then again we are NFL fans, which means we are wrong about things a lot more than we are right  

The Cowboys offense was good when Garrett took over as OC in Tony Romo’s first full season as a starter.

Via PF Ref

He worked himself into the hottest coaching candidate and actually was the front runner for the Ravens job that John Harbaugh got before Jerry got him to stay. There’s a chance Garrett will flop in New York and Cowboys fans will laugh at us. But there’s also a chance that he’s good with the Giants, Daniel Jones develops into what we hope he can become, and Jerry as well as all the Cowboys fans the world hates lose their fucking minds as the guy that never could get the Cowboys over the hump or even near the hump to be honest beats Dallas in two revenge games every season. That’s the scenario I personally choose to believe will happen.

Plus if Garrett tries any of that sabotage shit people thought he did to Wade Phillips when the offense went into the tank before Wade got fired, Coach Judge will put his head in a spike. Honestly, I’m just happy Mike Shula isn’t coming back and John Mara is probably happy to have a former Giants back. Now lets get some creative ways to get Saquon the ball in space and actually use Danny Jones’ wheels as well as his arm.

We’ll see if this leads to Bill Callahan as O-Line coach since that’s the hire I care about the most now since we need these hogs to start Mollying. But I’m not going to be negative about this hire until Garrett gives me a reason to.

Sidenote:: I wrote this entire blog while in the movie entrance corridor while watching 1917 about a half hour into the movie. Not bragging or anything. I just want Coach Judge to know he has a blogger as committed to the Giants as the team and staff he is building. #GiantsPride‬


‪Didn’t know much about it going but heard great things and it ended up being AWESOME. So it’s pretty much the Joe Judge of movies‬