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It's Happening! Disney Is Developing National Treasure 3!

(Note: It's a footnote of an article about 'Bad Boys For Life')

(THR) "Bremner's schedule is heating up as he is also writing National Treasure 3 for Disney, among other projects. That project is being produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, who is also the producer behind Bad Boys for Life. He is repped by Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment"

Benjamin Franklin Gates is BACK baby! I can't believe this broke as a simple footnote instead of as its own story! Wild, anyway, let's get to the nitty gritty. 

#1. If Nic Cage isn't in this, we riot. Full stop. Don't fuck with us here, Disney. Nic needs that money for more dinosaur skulls. 

#2. What is Cage going to steal??? 

Here is a quick list of American relics that I found on a website since I'm dumb:

1. The Star Spangled Banner (The Smithsonian) - Maybe! This thing is HUGE, though. But maybe there could be some messages hidden in the thread.

2. Plymouth Rock (The Smithsonian) - Alright, no. BOOOOOO!

4. The Emancipation Proclamation (The National Archives) - This is probably the best relic of the bunch. A ton of historical significance and people love Lincoln. 

5. The Spirit of Saint Louis (The Smithsonian) - Maybe Ben and the gang fly the ole Spirit of St. Louis out of the Smithsonian? I'm down.

6. Neil Armstrong's Space Suit (Air and Space Museum) - I'm not sure what they could do with this, especially since it's the newest item on the list. Maybe Neil was confirmed illuminati? Fake moon landing? I'm talking myself into it. 

Hmmmm, without the stuff they already used in the last two movies, we don't have a ton of options. I'm down with anything as long as we get a deeper look into weird occult stuff and Freemasons. Maybe BFG goes to space? Maybe he has to use an old lunar lander? Hm, no, there's definitely nothing there. Do something cool, Disney!