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The Baseball World Cannibalizing Itself, As Told By The Movie Mean Girls (Weird Headline, Just Watch It, Trust Me)

Brilliant. Sheer brilliance. J Quad, ridiculously loyal Mets fan and avid member of the 7 Line Army, dropped this gem on us today. An extremely accurate portrayal of the absolute bitch fest going on in Major League Baseball right now. The league is collapsing into itself like a black hole with everybody snitching, backstabbing, and betraying each other like...well...a bunch of high school Mean Girls. The Burn Book is like unwritten, unspoken ways of Major League Baseball, and now it’s been exposed by The Athletic. Every single scene of this video got more and more accurate, starting with the leader Mike Trout getting roped in with drugs to Altuve and Bregman being the dynamic duo to the dog pile fights being Astros fans vs Yankees fans vs Red Sox fans vs Mets fans, all the way to the Lenny Dykstra being the gym teacher who’s creepy with the underage girls. Every single player/actor assignment worked. Outstanding job by Julia, nobody on earth knows the game better than her. Give JQuad a follow if you’re a baseball fan, but most definitely if you’re a Mets fan.