Top Five Things You Have To Do When Visiting Puerto Rico

Our favorite office couple, Daniela and "The White Rapper", less than a month after coming back from the longest Christmas break in corporate history, have gone gallivanting off to the "Port of the Rich"... Puerto Rico. It's currently a balmy 28 degrees (real feel 20) here in New York City, so I can't really blame them for running off to be our new King and Queen of the Beach, no matter how bad the optics might be. 

And the optics, certainly are BAAAD. I'm not saying she fled the country because of our potential RnR match, but the timing is awfully convenient. 

That shouldn't stop them from having a good time while they're hiding out, and waiting for the smoke to clear. Puerto Rico is a beautiful place, with plenty of things to see and do. As someone that's basically a native of Puerto Rico (went with an ex-boyfriend to a destination wedding once), I made this list to ensure they have the most romantic trip possible. 

1. Learn to ride a Jetski:  BEST BET... Gringo (spanish for white rapper) has the best reviews on Yelp

2. See Soundcloud rapper Cyantific in San Juan on Jan 18: His New Album "GhettoBlaster" is Fire. Should be a good show and an opportunity for sick album collabos

3. Eat The Salty Cod Tacos: Bacalao guisado

One of the most famous fish dishes in Puerto Rico, Bacalao, also known as salt cod, is cod that has been preserved by drying and salting the fish. Definitely a lovely late night snack.  

4. Go to Starfish Beach: One of the most popular beaches for romance in Puerto Rico. The beauty is only rivaled by the opportunities for adventure. Snorkeling, Parasailing, and plenty of open space to spread out and relax. I've heard that this place  and the activities give you "all the feels". 

5. Go on a "waterfall hike": Who doesn't like a good waterfall amiright? This is the ultimate intimate adventure. In the northeastern corner of Puerto Rico lies El Yunque National Rainforest, a mountainous tropical rainforest. Couples can work up a sweat on Mount Britton Trail, which is less than a mile but has an elevation of 2,493 feet--and ends at a centuries-old stone watchtower. I hear a trip to the top can be life changing.