Grading the Newest Sex Scandal Teacher

SST Tweet

OhioAn Ohio teacher accused of sexual battery against two students liked to do the little extras for her students. Julie Hautzenroeder, the Colerain High School science teacher gave some students extra attention, let some of them eat lunch in her classroom and — two 16-year-old males testified Tuesday — let them visit at her home where she had sex with both…. ” ‘My house is Las Vegas — what happens here stays here,’ ” said Assistant Hamilton County prosecutor Joshua Berkowitz. Then she gave the teens vodka, smoked marijuana with them and then, as her 7-year-old daughter slept in the next room, had vaginal sex with one and performed oral sex on the other, both teens testified. “She asked us if we could hang out. I thought it could actually happen and I could get with a teacher … like sexually,” one of the teens said. “I was excited because it was a fantasy.” Both teens told similar stories, “She put her hand in my pants,” the second teen testified, adding she did that while she had her other hand in the pants of the other teen. Both also testified that after sex with the teacher, they spent the night and, upon waking up the next day, she made them breakfast and drove them home.

A special GtNSST note of thanks to Cincinnati reporter @KimballPerry for his pioneering work in being the first person to ever live Tweet a Sex Scandal Teacher trial.  It really was a breakthrough.  The future of Teacher Sex Scandal reporting, happening now.  Like all news stories unfolding live on your phone, reading these updates in real time made you wonder how you ever waited 24 hours and got your news on a big ream of paper on your front door.  I’d love to make a career following in Perry’s footsteps.  Just touring the country, sitting in on SST trials and delivering you all the depraved, unedited details as they happen.  It would revolutionize the art of sex crazed middle aged woman seducing high school kids.  But alas, I’m too preoccupied with Boston teams making it to the championship finals every couple of months, and I just don’t have the time for it.  My place is here, grading these lunatics.  The reporting, I have to leave to the non-experts, like my man Kimball here.

The Grades:
I’ve never actually watched “Orange is the New Black.”  But I’ve seen enough stills to know Julie Hautzenroeder would be about the 7th or 8th best looking one on the show.  And that is not a compliment. Grade: C-
Moral Compass/Bad Judgment: 
Her defense team is arguing that she didn’t bone Teen 2 and give a hummer to Teen 1 as the prosecution alleges.  Their version is she had them in her bedroom and she gave oral to a dildo.  I am not making that up.  Apparently they’re going with the “Dildo semen tastes like protein shakes” defense.  Best of luck. Grade: A
The kids at Colerain High call her “Miss Hots.”  Not exactly applicable, but clever. Grade: A
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