When The Sox Clinch Does That Make David Ortiz The Greatest Boston Athlete of All Time?



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This is a question I’ve been giving a ton of thought to lately. When the Red Sox close this series out does that make David Ortiz the greatest Boston athlete who has ever lived? I’m not talking just best Red Sox player. I’m talking greatest Boston athlete ever. Who else would be in the conversation? Bill Russell? Tom Brady? Maybe Bobby Orr? I think I got to give the nod to Papi. Listen I’m not going to argue with anybody who says Russell. Russell has a billion titles and I never saw him play. The only thing I’d say is I feel like the NBA was way different went he played than it is now. But again I won’t argue against him. However the reason I give Papi the nod over Brady even though they’ll both have 3 rings is because of the pure post season dominance that Papi has displayed in a sport that is almost impossible to dominate by yourself. Like you can’t win baseball playoff series as a position player/DH. You just can’t. But Papi has done it over and over and over again. He’s the single greatest post season player in the history of baseball and it’s not even debatable. Big hit after big hit after big hit. It’s surreal. We’ve never seen anything like it and we’ll never see anything like it again. People call Jeter a winner? People call Reggie Jackson Mr. October? Fuck that shit. Papi literally pisses on them both. His post season exploits TOWER over every other player who has ever played the game. He’s almost single handedly delivered 3 rings in 10 years. He broke an 86 year curse. Without him none of that happens. WE don’t have 1 ring nevermind playing for our 3rd tonight. Without Papi we have nothing and he’s done it in a sport which is impossible to dominate by yourself.   A sport where guys like Billy Beane say the post season is all luck.   There is nothing lucky about David Ortiz.    He is the greatest clutch hitter of all time end of story.