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Are The Clippers Pulling A Houston Astros With This Kawhi Leonard Knee Technology?

If you're a living, breathing person right now you know cheating and technology is what's hot in the professional sports streets right now. As a basketball guy I've been thinking of ways the NBA could come back and steal some of the spotlight back from major league baseball. No way David Stern would allow another league to grab the headlines like this, but basketball is different where guys are already recognizing plays. The elite defenders call that shit out all the time. So I was wondering how they could get involved in the world of cheating that isn't refs betting on sports and wouldn't you know it I think we have it.

What the hell is that device Kawhi is using on his knees? Is that thing common because I don't think I've ever seen an NBA player have some sort of electronic recovery device on the sidelines. You factor in who their owner is and his history with technology and the willingness to do whatever they can to win and it makes you think. This is the same team that will tamper their dicks off and pay whatever fines come. They make conscious decisions to sit Kawhi every chance they get in order to keep him fresh, and now we see some sort of technology on the sidelines. Does every team have access to this? If so, why aren't they using it? Normally you see guys on the bench with giant ice bags on their knees. I know we joke all the time about how Kawhi is a robot and has software upgrades and all that shit, but now I'm starting to think that might actually be true.