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In Case You Missed It Last Night, White Sox Dave Did The Cinnamon Challenge

Cut right to the chase here:

So last night everyone’s favorite blogger White Sox Dave had to do the Cinnamon Challenge. He and Barstool JJ made a bet on this weekend’s White Sox/Yankees series and in ridiculously dramatic fashion, JJ and the Yankees won. One minute it looked like they were gonna be swept and the next minute a bloop, a blast, a Tanaka outing, and a KFC Mush later White Sox Dave was fucked. My take away from this is 2 things:

1) I need to have these mutts on the show more often because I look like a fucking rock star next to them

2) I truly, genuinely believe that I’m a real mush now. Like its always been a running joke but I’m starting to believe its all real. Black magic is real. Karma is real. Hexes and curses are all real life shit. Almost EVERY TIME I open my mouth about sports the opposite happens. It happens too often to be coincidence. It happens too precisely to not believe theres a cause and effect. I’m a born loser and it rubs off on others. White Sox Dave just happens to be the latest victim.

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