Floyd Mayweather Making It Rain In The Strip Club With "Bricks Of Money"

TMZFloyd Mayweather Jr. practices what he preaches … hours after getting into a fight with T.I. and telling him to “control your bitch,” the champ went to a strip club to show how exactly how HE exercises ultimate control. Floyd showed up at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club in Vegas at around 3 AM … this after getting into a now-epic fight with T.I. at a nearby Fatburger. We’re told Floyd showed up with “bricks of money” — making it rain to the point where one stripper was seen carting her cash away in a pillowcase.

This is probably standard behavior for Floyd Mayweather but it is laugh out loud funny to picture the strippers in this club scrounging up all this money and stuffing it in pillowcases. Paying for all sorts of Community College courses and abortions and fake tits and stuff. He’s like some sort of Black Santa Claus showing up with blocks of dough making hoodrat dreams come true. Its like when Frank Lucas gave out turkeys in the ghetto for Thanksgiving except with a lot more chicks with big black asses.