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DOUBLE KNOCKOUT ALERT: Thai Boxers Knock Each Other Out At The Same Damn Time

I'd love to get knocked out at the same time as someone else. Just as a goof though. I'd wanna do it like Sting and Ric Flair at The Great American Bash. 

Everyone is waiting to see whomst gets up first. The ref who looks like my dad if my dad was sober and 5 inches taller is counting to 10. He's already on 7 and looking panicked. 


/he looks around feverishly as I start to get back to my feet


/I'm up but wobbly and he starts counting again

BOOM! I'm hit in the head by Arn Anderson and the rest of the 4 Horsemen beat the everlovingshit out of me. 

I'm dead. Im one of the first wrestlers to ever die in the ring and many more rules are implemented so this never happens again. 

Years later, I get added to the Wrestling Hall of Fame. My career wasnt long enough or storied enough to deserve it but it's a nice thing for my family. There's an uptick in my mech that's sold and they get royalties off that. Do they miss me? Sure. But the stinger splash of my death would be removed just a little bit whilst my family is riding in a BRAND NEW CAR! 

PS that should be read in the voice of a cliche comedian: What's the deal with these camera angles at these Thai Fights? Who's producing these things? All Thai Pete? 

Got his ass.