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WATCH: One-Armed Golfer Laurent Hurtubise Makes A Hole-In-One


Am I happy for Laurent Hurtubise? Absolutely. What a moment for him. It’s even better that it was on camera. Most people have to re-tell the story of their hole-in-one any time they tell people they have one but not Laurent, he can simply pull up his phone and show them the video. Very very very cool.

Am I a little jealous that he nailed a hole in one with one arm and I can’t even sniff one with two? Also yes. That has nothing to do with Laurent, he’s incredible and earned that hole-in-one like few hole-in-ones before it, it has everything to do with my complete and total inability to get a tiny white ball near a teeny tiny hole on par 3s. Over the last 10 months my golf game has improved considerably and yet I cannot get any close to making a hole-in-one. I’m not even talking about making a hole-in-one, I’m talking about anyone in my group thinking my shot might have a chance to go in, we’re not even at that point yet. Alas. Anyway. HUGE congrats to Laurent. What a moment.