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Does This Look Like A Chick Who Crashed Her Truck Going The Wrong Way On The Highway, Got Arrested And Then Slipped Out Of Her Handcuffs And Ate A Bag Of Weed?

ORLANDO, FL (WKMG/CBS) – Tavish Smith might be the happiest and friendliest arrestee, but the night she arrested was no laughing matter. After crashing her truck, driving down the wrong way of a highway she crashed again. Police surveillance showed Smith wiggling out of her handcuffs, reaching into the front seat and stealing the sandwich bag the trooper found in her car. “Good ole marijuana, right there in the passenger’s seat,” the trooper said. “My car’s smelling like the stuff you had in your seat.”

Have a day!  Have a fucking day young lady.  Love her positive attitude about the whole thing.  My mom always told me to have a positive attitude regardless of a situation and this chick to it to a whole different level.  “Oh whoops I slipped outta my handcuffs and itched my nose hahahahahaha”  If we’re being honest here it was kinda hot.  It’s hard to deny somebody with that type of upbeat view on life.  Laughing and joking with the cops after she smashed her truck onto incoming traffic and getting arrested for marijuana possession.  That would ruin most people’s day but not Tavish’s.  Nope.  Nothing can bring her down.  She was acting like it was the best day of her life as opposed to the worst.  Not to mention that was some Houdini shit she pulled there in the back seat.  Wiggling out of her handcuffs and reaching into the front seat.  I’d say that’s partially on the cops.  Either put the cuffs on tighter or open yourself up the possibility that she’s going to reach up to the front seat and munch on the bag of weed like it’s a buffet.  Simple as that.  Clean it up, officer.

One of the best opening scenes to a movie ever.