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Cards Radio Announcer Laughs At Red Sox For Holding Wong On Before They Pick Him Off (Scroll to 2 Minute Mark)

(2 minute mark)

Not gonna lie.  I wasn’t laughing when the Sox were holding Wong on 1st base.  I was screaming.  It just made no sense to me on any level.  I think I even used all caps on twitter to express my disgust.  That’s how flustered I was.  But what I failed to realize is that John Farrel is operating like 500 steps ahead of the rest of the human race right now.  Sure in all my years of watching baseball I’ve never seen a team hold a guy on in that situation.  Never seen it.   There is no rational explanation on why a team would do that.  UNLESS of course you’re gonna pick his ass off.  That’s the only answer.   Nothing else makes any  sense.    And that’s where Farrell got him.   He knew we were about to pick Wong off.  I didn’t and the Cardinals announcers didn’t.  It’s that simple.