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All-American Isaiah Stewart Said Part Of The Reason He Didn't Go To Syracuse Was Boeheim Refused To Take A Picture With Him In 8th Grade

Oh, no. Don't show this to Syracuse fans. I mean I'm sure they won't mind missing out on a dude who was a McDonald's All-American and National Player of the Year because Jim Boeheim didn't take a picture with him in 8th grade. It's not like they could use someone like that to help them out on offense and be the middle of the 2-3 zone. Nope, not one bit. It's not like he's dominating at Washington, coached by Boeheim's former assistant and the guy who was supposed to be at Syracuse when Boeheim retired. 

And obviously Boeheim came back and said of course he would have taken a picture after his son's game ended. I don't doubt that one bit. It's one of the tough parts of being a college basketball coach and a dad. How are you supposed to know that Isaiah Stewart would turn out to be this dominant? You're just trying to watch Buddy launch some threes. I mean when has it ever worked out to take a picture with a kid and then have them turn into a star? 

Oh, this year? Well don't show that to Syracuse fans either. 

Will Stewart get called soft? Absolutely, he already is. He's not trying to throw Boeheim under the bus either as Goodman says. But, that shit matters. Recruiting is all about buttering up a dude and figuring out what they want. People remember being mocked by his teammates for getting turned down for a picture. Wonder how quick Boeheim will start taking pictures going forward?