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Turns Out Public Money Is ALL In On TK For The Next RnR

Big T, currently on #TeamDaniela wrote a blog that said beef is ramping back up between us. 

In the meantime, KB, wrestling god and choke-out champ, has asked me how many push-ups I can do (at least 20), how many pull-ups I can do (probably 2) and whether I'd be interested in "learning how to kick-box" for a hypothetical match. I mean, I'm always looking for new ways to up my cardio and bond with my co-workers. If I need to get in a fight to accomplish those goals, I'm game. Wax on wax off?

Truth be told, I've only been in a couple of fights in my life. One girl pulled my Old Navy henley over my head in the girl's bathroom until I hit her with a stray Snapple bottle and ran away and the other was basically a bunch of lesbian Crips from the neighborhood that tried to mix me into their gang. I got jumped. I ran away... FAST. I'd say I'm 1-1 with 0 TKO's.

As you can see this poll is generating some buzz online. I'm not saying its more interesting than Cowboy vs Conor but the interest is pretty... pretty...pretty good. Just shy of 3,000 votes in the first hour. Looks like this match up has enough buzz to be on the main card.

How much money would it take? That's like asking how many licks it takes to get to the center of the tootsie pop. 

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