Matador Who Thinks He's Hot Shit Turns His Back On The Bull And Gets Tossed Like A Rag Doll

To steal a word from your boy KFC, cocky.  Super fucking cocky.  It takes some serious balls to turn your back on a 5,000 pound (I have no idea how much a bull weighs) animal and be confident he’s not going to plunge his horns into your back and send you flying like a rag doll.  I never have and never will possesses that type of showmanship which after watching that feels like a good thing.  There’s a good chance that guy is dead/going to be a vegetable for the rest of his natural life.  I’d more than likely be a rodeo clown instead of a matador.  Seems like a decent gig.

PS- How much do the clowns who come running out to distract the bull from further pummeling the matador get paid?  And what sequence of life events has to take place for that to become your profession?  I would absolutely read the autobiography of a rodeo clown.  Well maybe I wouldn’t read anything, but I’d definitely watch an interview of a rodeo clown.  It feels like that world isn’t covered enough.