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After Beating Auburn, Alabama's Twitter And Head Coach Troll Anfernee McElmore, Who Said 'Alabama Is My Favorite Place To Play So I Can See Disappointment On Their Faces'

This was the quote back at SEC Media Day by Auburn star Anfernee McElmore. Love it. I love when players and coaches talk shit, especially about their rivals. It what makes college sports awesome. Obviously this played in Tuscaloosa quite a bit. I mean he's straight up mocking Alabama fans and saying he's going to win there again. Let's fast forward to last night: 

Oh, okay. Well there won't be disappointment on Alabama's fans faces, but there likely won't be any trolling, right? I mean it's SEC hoops, everyone says they only care about football. Let's check in on head coach Nate Oats and McElmore in the handshake line: 

McElmore just straight up refusing to shake Oats' hand. I love that Oats went out of his way and really stuck out his hand there. Probably said thanks for the bulletin board material. 

Yep, that's exactly what a coach would do here. You show that shit right before tip and just get little extra jolt of energy. Part of the reason as to why Bama got out to a lead and never let Auburn control the game once. Even Oats commented on it after the game: 

I love it. That's exactly what I want a coach to say. I want them to understand that you can talk shit and not get all bent up about it. But wait, there's still more! Alabama's social media team decided to get into it.

Yep. That's the perfect petty tweet.