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This McGregor/Cowboy Hype Video Has Me Ready To Run Through 1000 Brick Walls

Holy fuck. I’m gonna cum.

Give whoever chose ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ for this video package a massive raise, because I’m ready to run through roughly ten billion brick walls right now. From the slow intro, showcasing McGregor’s whole career, to the explosion of knockouts as the song propels, to the brilliant hold on Jon Bon Jovi’s “I’m a Cowboy” drop til Cerrone was shown on screen, to the ending with Conor standing tall – arms spread – this is just tremendous from start to finish. The UFC knows how to do this shit right, and Uncle Dana knows “spoiling” the pay-per-view’s intro is gonna generate nothing but more hype, so he threw it out there. Brilliant.

We’re off to UFC 246 Media Day now!