Game of Stools: Bloggers And Their Game of Thrones Counterparts

From Stoolie @TheClemReport –


El Presidente= Tywin Lannister:  Total no brainer.  A ruthless mogul who is always getting hated on, but begrudgingly has the respect of the people.


KFC= Tyrion Lannister:   A silver tongued drunk that loves smut more than life itself.  KFC may be taller, but he has the exact same running style and body type as Tyrion.  #SkinnyFat


BigCat= Jon Snow: A bastard from the North (still have to verify this).  Time on screen has been increasing a ton through the years.  His dog will appear without warning sometimes.  Never really showers.


Feitelberg= Jaime Lannister: The likely heir to everything El Pres/Tywin possess. At first glance, is a pretty boy that everyone gives shit to. However, is becoming more popular as time goes on.  Has one physical flaw that he will never get over.


KMarko= Stannis Baratheon: Not seen on camera that much, but is ruthlessly efficient off of it.  King of thesmokeshow.  Stoic.


Smitty= Tommen:  The current leader of a place that no sane person would want to live, took over for a guy that people always bitched about, has a giant head, and loves kitty cats.


Nate= Jorah Mormont: Does real good work and is liked by all.  However, cannot seem to get out of The Friendzone.


Trent=Samwell Tarly:  Both live in the middle of effing nowhere, would be better if they were played by Chris Farley, and have already had a career defining moment.


Handsome Hank= Littlefinger: The quiet one that remembers every insult along the way.  Will probably end up ruling everything before long.


Millmore= Bran Stark: Young guy who does stuff on the show/site that no one else would have any idea how to do.


Jerry Thornton= Grand Maester Pycelle: An old rambler who knows his shit, but everyone tunes him out quickly.

The same Stoolie who made the Barstool Soundboard wrote this up on his blog, and its pretty fucking accurate. Blogger by blogger, he nails pretty much everyone. El Pres as Tywin is so spot on. And not for any comical reasons or funny comparisons. Just because he rules like a fucking savage. One day I bet Pres is just gonna throw Hank off a bridge and film it just for the pageviews. Whatever it takes to grow the Barstool Empire and name.

Me as the Dwarf, Feits as the pretty boy with the one physical flaw he can never overcome, perfect. Kmarko as Stannis is sneakily the best one on the list. Silent Assassin lurking in the shadows. Milmore having special powers (AKA knows how to work photoshop) like Bran. Trent as Samwell was a fucking no brainer. I mean I could keep listing each of these because they’re all spot on.

One glaring omission though – both from House Barstool and the Seven Kingdoms:

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 11.22.28 AM


Rear Ads = The Hound: Fan favorite who doesn’t give a FUCK. Really doesn’t have any allegiance to the King, or anyone for that matter. Can tell he has a wild past and a hell of a backstory but we don’t know all the details. For all we know RA could have some brother who’s a monstrous murderer.