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Jessica Mendoza Has The Absolute Worst Take On The Astros Cheating Scandal

What a disgusting word salad if I've ever seen one. I'd be so embarrassed if this was coming out of my mouth. I mean who in their right mind could possibly fault Mike Fiers for having personal integrity. For wanting to live the rest of his life clean from the guilt brought on by the sport's biggest scandal in *checks notes* TEN YEARS! 

I'll tell you who faults Mike Fiers. 

Meatball Baseball People like Jessica Mendoza: 


It didn't sit well with her. It made her sad that Mike Fiers went public. She's said that it wasn't "naturally" uncovered, whatever the fuck that's supposed to mean. Like things just "Naturally" come to light without someone blowing a whistle? Hey Jessica ever watch Erin Brokavich? Ever hear about Edward Snowden or Julian Assange? I mean we're not talking about a dice game in the alley behind Barstool Chicago HQ that's getting fixed here. We're talking about a multi-billion dollar professional championship that was ROBBED and STOLEN from other teams that didn't cheat. 

But for some reason this hits you because a teammate (not yours btw) violated some unwritten rule? That's literally the dumbest thing I've been arguing with WSD for like 7 years nonstop. I've been to hell and back with his logic and never once have I thought anything as negatively as I think about the way Jessica Mendoza's brain works. 

Figure it out.