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Buddy The Dog Shows A Baby How To Crawl Because Dogs Are The Best


Dogs doing it again.  Stepping in where humans fall flat in terms of responsibility.  Hey Mom, maybe put the smart phone down for two seconds and help the little baby learn how to crawl.  Make yourself useful instead of shoving a camera in the baby’s face every two seconds hoping to catch something cute and get your Like game up on Facebook in the process.  Is that video cute as shit?  Yeah, it is and I’m glad it exists.  I bet people were jumping out of windows and elbowing each other in the face to hit the Like button on it.  But this lady needs to take some time out of her day and teach that damn kid how to crawl.  Buddy the dog recognized instantly that this human adult was borderline worthless so he stepped up to the challenge.  Not because he wanted to, not because he had to but because he need ed to.  That’s how dogs operate.  Dragging his body across the floor like a trained crawler and showing that baby how it’s done..  I guarantee that baby is freely crawling all around the house thanks to that dog and no thanks to Mom.  Some times I think (nope, I know) the world would be a better place to live if dogs ran this fucking joint.