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Ryan Miller's Wife (Lacy From Anger Mangement) Tweets Out That It's Karma After Lucic Gets Hit In the Face With A Puck

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What is wrong with the Buffalo Sabres?  Seriously what’s wrong with them?  Who tweets out that it’s karma when a guy gets blasted in the face with a puck?  What is this chick so mad about?  She’s still not crying about when Lucic bumped into Ryan Miller last year is she?



Holy Christ!  Get over it woman!   Your husband was lallygagging it out near the blue line.  It was a loose puck.   Tell your man to get off the tracks when the train is coming through.  He has nobody to blame but himself.  Seriously what a disgrace the Sabres are.  They can’t beat anybody so they are reduced to cheap shot elbows and having their wives fight their battles for them on twitter.   What a joke franchise.   And way to clap when a guy is hurt.   So Buffalo.