I Have Absolutely No Problem With This Woman Stripping Out Of Her Bathing Suit In The Middle Of The Miami Airport

One thing we do a lot here at Barstool is criticize the etiquette of people traveling. It could be the vultures circling the boarding line without actually getting on line long before their poor person section is called, the savages that aggressively try to claim both arm rests all to themselves, or the truly deranged fucks that peel off their shoes and socks to get extra comfy in a tin can where as many humans are jammed together as possible. Hell, Big Cat has started a cottage industry on Twitter skull fucking airlines for the ATROCITIES committed against blue checkmarks such as delayed flights and faulty Wi-Fi.

However, I don't want this woman to be lumped into the mix with all the other people ethered on this blog. Once the plane touches down, everyone stands up the millisecond that seat belt light goes off, and disembarks from the aforementioned overcrowded tin can, it is back to the real world. Everyone can resume to being as eccentric and clothed as they want. Especially in Miami. If you can't express your body in a bathing suit or your free spirit by stripping out of that bathing suit while singing a lovely tune in a city where, and I quote "everyday like a mardi gras, everybody party all day, no work all play, okay", you can't express it anywhere. If you disagree with that, you disagree with Big Willie Style era Will Smith, which as the United States Constitution tells us, instantly makes you wrong.

On a related note, I cannot WAIT to see what Miami has in store for the internet during Super Bowl Week, with a Rough N Rowdy fight night taking place right as shit really starts popping off.