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In Other News...Mike Milbury Calmly Explains Why The Sabres Should Be Kicked Out of the NHL After John Scott's Cheapshot On Loui Eriksson


I’m sure lots of people missed this disgusting display of disgustingness last night because everybody was watching the Sox game, but Mike Milbury pretty much nailed it.  Ron Rolston and John Scott both have to be kicked out of the NHL.  I have no idea why any player would want guys like this in the league.   Guys who only are put on the ice to end careers.  It makes no sense.  I get the enforcer angle.  I understand fighting.   But you don’t see Shawn Thornton taking kill shots like that.   It’s dirty, it’s dangerous and it ruins the game.   You shouldn’t have to worry that when you travel to the worst city in the United States to play the worst team in the NHL that the best you can hope for is that nobody gets killed on the ice with a cheap shot.   This isn’t the Federal Hockey League.  Why the NHL or other players would allow this to continually happen is beyond me.   There is no way John Scott should ever lace up a pair of skates in the NHL again.  And it’s not even his fault.  He’s a dirty goon.  That’s what he’s paid to do.   He can’t do anything else.   That’s why the coach and the owner also have to be held accountable just like Milbury said.