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Matt Harvey Was Almost Involved In A Fight In A Club

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NY PostMets pitcher Matt Harvey — who yesterday insisted, “I live my life” — narrowly avoided being drawn into a 2:30 a.m. brawl at a Manhattan hot spot on Thursday. Harvey was with a group at Chelsea lounge The Gilded Lily when a fight broke out over a girl. Sources said a friend of Harvey was involved in the fracas, but the pitcher — who was due at an MLB event a few hours later — stepped away from the melee and left. A witness said, “Matt was there with friends when a fight broke out over a girl between someone in his group and another group at a nearby table. Matt was right there. Somebody lunged at him and his group, he stepped aside and left. Security broke things up.” Hours later, Harvey, looking remarkably well rested, appeared at the MLB Fan Cave, where he addressed the controversy over his off-field activities. His rep said of the lounge fight, “It was an unfortunate incident. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time.” A Mets rep added, “Matt was not involved in any altercation. Those who were, were escorted out of the venue.”

Lets all flip out now. Lets all get upset that Matt Harvey was fucking near a fight in a club. Not picking the fight. Not even involved in the fight. Just in the vicinity of an altercation. Shit went down and Matt Harvey left immediately after it happened. But of course this will translate to “Matt Harvey Brawling In The Club At 2:30am” or “Matt Harvey Almost Beat Up Over A Girl,” like the Post said today. Such a joke.

Now listen I’ve been hard on Harvey, and I even said that shit like this was gonna happen. That Matt has created a reputation for himself and the media now has their angle that they’re gonna spin every time. He’s had enough slip ups that were of his own fault that now he has to deal with the media jumping on top of every little thing. I guess its just shocking to see how low the tabloids will go. How far they will really stretch this “Matt Harvey is selfish and reckless” rhetoric. The guy was out on a Thursday night, a fight broke out and he immediately left. We’re gonna turn this into “Matt Harvey almost beat up?” Cmon. I understand the guy has done a lot to bring this heat upon himself but its just getting silly now. If anything this shows that Harvey is responsible enough to handle himself. Did the right thing as soon as shit hit the fan. If he was truly the selfish, thoughtless, reckless guy the media portrays him to be, he would have been in the middle of that fight throwing haymakers. I think any reasonable person would view this is a positive for Harvey’s reputation.